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Moderate Level –
provides better hearing in group settings and outdoor activities.

Moderate hearing aids best assist individuals who live an ACTIVE LIFESTYLES

People who work in dynamic environments and where listening to multiple voices is important – Sports enthusiasts – and those that enjoy social occasions.

Our Process

  • Review Hearing History

    Your initial visit will consist of us discussing your medical and hearing history.

  • Hearing Exam

    At this stage, we will need to test your hearing.

  • Review results and Recommendations

    We will review the audiogram and other hearing test results with you.

  • Hearing Aid Overview

    After we review the audiogram results with you, we will demonstrate the different types and levels of hearing aids - and give you an overview of today's technology.

  • Discuss Complete Hearing Health

    This includes: Quarterly checks and cleaning, Program Adjustments, Batteries and Annual Hearing Screening.