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Healthy Hearing Habits.

We all have habits. Some are good and some are bad, but we all have them. Usually, during this time of year we all try to develop a good habit to offset a bad one. One good habit to develop would be to protect your hearing. In an article written on the Healthy Hearing website, the author discusses various strategies to help prevent hearing loss or, if you already have a hearing loss to keep it from getting worse.

One way to prevent hearing loss is to keep your ears protected. Whenever you are exposed to loud sounds like a lawnmower or a loud concert, you should wear hearing protection. Exposure to loud sounds such as these for a long period of time could dangerously affect your hearing. Another way to prevent hearing loss would be to give up smoking. Research suggest that smoking can lead to an increased risk of hearing loss, and second hand smoke can lead to hearing loss in children and teenagers. Therefore, quitting smoking would not only benefit you but it will also benefit the people around you. Another strategy discussed was to know the signs of hearing loss. If people know the signs of hearing loss then they would be more prompt to go and have their hearing checked.

If you already have a hearing loss one way to improve your hearing would be to obtain either hearing aids or an assistive listening device. Many clinics offer free no-obligation trial periods so you can experience hearing aids firsthand and ensure that you have the best solution before committing financially. Another strategy would be to practice better communication strategies. Some of these strategies include: minimize background noise, look for visual cues, ask for information when you need it and be honest when you haven’t heard or understood something correctly.

For more information on this topic, please visit the following website at: http://www.healthyhearing.com/report/51733-Healthy-habits-to-fight-hearing-loss.

Have a good day and until next time, happy listening.


Our Process

  • Review Hearing History

    Your initial visit will consist of us discussing your medical and hearing history.

  • Hearing Exam

    At this stage, we will need to test your hearing.

  • Review results and Recommendations

    We will review the audiogram and other hearing test results with you.

  • Hearing Aid Overview

    After we review the audiogram results with you, we will demonstrate the different types and levels of hearing aids - and give you an overview of today's technology.

  • Discuss Complete Hearing Health

    This includes: Quarterly checks and cleaning, Program Adjustments, Batteries and Annual Hearing Screening.