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Chocolate, Wine and Hearing Loss.

We all love chocolate and we all love wine, but could our indulgence of the two affect our hearing. In an article published on the healthy hearing website, it discusses the affects of consuming too much chocolate and alcohol on the hearing mechanism. The article stated that “excessive drinking deposits toxic levels of alcohol in your bloodstream which can permanently damage your hearing. A 2004 study by researchers at Germany’s University of Ulm discovered that alcoholics suffer damage to the central auditory brainstem, causing delays in the brain’s response to signals it receives from the auditory nerve.” (www.healthyhearing.com, 2017).

When it comes to chocolate, the zinc, which is found mostly in dark chocolate, is what’s important in regards to your hearing health. Zinc is known for boosting the immune system and guarding against infections that plague the ear. However, zinc can interfere with antibiotics and diuretics, so check with your doctor before adding this as a supplement.

Now just because this article pointed out some things wrong with consuming chocolate and wine doesn’t mean that you have to cut these joys out of your life completely. Moderation is key. It’s okay to enjoy a glass of wine and some dark chocolate every so often. Studies have shown the benefits of adding moderate amounts of dark chocolate and red wine to your diet, however, there’s no substitute for having your hearing evaluated on an annual basis by a qualified hearing healthcare professional.

If you would like to read this full article, please click on the following link:http://www.healthyhearing.com/report/52719-Chocolate-wine-and-hearing-loss

Have a great day and until next time, happy listening.

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