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Battery Life

Factors that affect hearing aid battery life.

On an almost daily basis, we get the question or comment about how the hearing aid batteries are draining faster compared to when they first got the hearing aids or compared to what was explained to them. To answer the question as to why the batteries may not be lasting for as long as expected there are several reasons:

  1. The severity of an individual’s hearing loss: The more severe the hearing loss the more power the hearing aid requires, which will require more use out of the battery.
  2.  The size of the battery: The smaller the battery the less ingredients needed to power the battery. Therefore, the smaller the battery the shorter the battery life will be.
  3. How often does an individual use their hearing aid(s): A person wearing their hearing aid(s) everyday may experience shorter battery life compared to someone who uses their hearing aid(s) every other day or once a week. Also, how many hours a day does one wear their hearing aids.
  4. The type of hearing aid: The newer up-to-date hearing aids have more useful and necessary features compared to the hearing aids from the past. Due to these features, the life of the battery may be reduced.
  5. And lastly, the environment: You may not have thought of this but the level of humidity, the temperature and even altitude can have a negative affect on the life of your hearing aid batteries.


Now, these five factors may not solve your battery life issues completely, but it is a step in the right direction. If you need further information or would like the flyer, which further explains these five factors,  please feel free to stop by our office. Until next time, happy hearing.


Our Process

  • Review Hearing History

    Your initial visit will consist of us discussing your medical and hearing history.

  • Hearing Exam

    At this stage, we will need to test your hearing.

  • Review results and Recommendations

    We will review the audiogram and other hearing test results with you.

  • Hearing Aid Overview

    After we review the audiogram results with you, we will demonstrate the different types and levels of hearing aids - and give you an overview of today's technology.

  • Discuss Complete Hearing Health

    This includes: Quarterly checks and cleaning, Program Adjustments, Batteries and Annual Hearing Screening.