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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Keeping Loved Ones With A Hearing Loss Close This Holiday Season.

Keeping the people you love in the conversation and part of the celebration is one of the most meaningful things you can do this holiday season. In an article written by the folks at the Better Hearing Institute, they gave 9 tips on ways to ensure that your friend or family member who has a< Read Full Article>

Can Antibiotics Cause Hearing Loss?

During this time of year, many people may contract an illness that may require one to receive antibiotics. Most illness are not life threatening, but in some instances they are. I ran across an article on the Healthy Hearing website that discussed how a certain class of antibiotics, used to treat life threatening illnesses, may< Read Full Article>

Our Process

  • Review Hearing History

    Your initial visit will consist of us discussing your medical and hearing history.

  • Hearing Exam

    At this stage, we will need to test your hearing.

  • Review results and Recommendations

    We will review the audiogram and other hearing test results with you.

  • Hearing Aid Overview

    After we review the audiogram results with you, we will demonstrate the different types and levels of hearing aids - and give you an overview of today's technology.

  • Discuss Complete Hearing Health

    This includes: Quarterly checks and cleaning, Program Adjustments, Batteries and Annual Hearing Screening.